Pan, Mike Chen

Personal Informations

Pan, Mike Chen
Tel: N/A
E-mail: mike.c.pan AT
Birth: 15-11-1988


2006: Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada

Professional Experiences

2011 – 2014: Software Developer for Molecular Flipbook – a biomolecular animation software for Harvard Medial School and University of Utah
2010: Intern Developer for BioBlender – a biomolecular visualization tool for Blender at SciVis
2007 -2011: Marine Visualization and interactive applications using Blender at the UBC Fisheries Centre
2009: Collaboration with Entertainment Arts Research on a Third Person Action Thriller game using Blender, Atlanta, USA.

Publications and Congresses


  • 2012: “Mastering Blender Game Engine” – co-authoring with Dalai Felinto
  • 2013: “Game Development with Blender” (USA) – Author

Participation to Congresses:

  • CG Movement Vancouver workshop, Introduction to Blender, Vancouver, Canada, February 2010
  • Vancouver Blender workshop, Vancouver, Host, Canada, March 2009
  • Annual Blender Conference, Usage of Blender Game Engine for scientific fishery data visualization, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 2008
  • Vancouver Blender workshop, Host, Vancouver, Canada, August 2008

Additional Informations


  • Fluent English and Mandarin

Knowledge of Computer Science:

  • Good knowledge of programs for computer graphics: Blender

  • Good knowledge of Python and C/C++

Other interests:

  • Photography


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