Raluca Mihaela Andrei

Personal Informations

Raluca Mihaela Andrei

Tel: (+39) 050 315 3542 E-mail: andrei -at- ifc.cnr.it

Birth: 8-11-1981


11 – 18 July 2009 21st International School for Computational Science Researcher: Molecular and Medical Image Analysis and BioInformatics, Lipari Island, Italy

23 – 30 June 2006 Practical Course “Bioinformatics: Computer Methods in Molecular Biology” at ICGEB, Trieste, Italy

2006 to date  PhD Scuola Normale Superiore, specialization Molecular Biology, Pisa, Italy, “3D visualization of surface properties of biomolecules”

October 2004 – August 2005 Erasmus-Socrates Specialization School in Medical Physics, scholarship Pisa, Italy, “A Comparison Between two Edge Detectors for a Subpixel Measurement of the Diameter of the Brachial Artery in Ultrasound Images” (in Institute of Physiology of CNR, Pisa, Italy)

October 2004 – February 2006 Master Faculty of Physics, specialization Biophysics and Medical Physics, University of Bucarest, Romania

2000 – 2004 Bachelor Faculty of Physics, specialization Medical Physics, University of Bucarest, Romania

1996 – 2000 Grigore Moisil High School, specialization Mathematics – Physics Bilingual English, Tulcea, Romania

Professional Experiences

July 2009 to date  Research scholarship, Institute of Physiology of CNR, Pisa, Italy

Publications and Congresses

Articles in Journals:

R. Andrei, M. Callieri, I. Carlone, C. Caudai, S. Cianchetta, T. Loni, Yu Porozov, MF. Zini, M. Zoppè, “BioBlender. Molecular animation and scientific representation“, Blender Art Magazine, Issue 21, April 2009

M. Zoppè, Yu Porozov, R. Andrei, S. Cianchetta, M. F. Zini, T. Loni, C. Caudai, M. Callieri, “Using Blender for molecular animation and scientific representation“, Proceedings of the Blender Conference 2008

E. Bianchini, R. Andrei, F. Faita, V. Gemignani, Y. Plantinga, M. Demi, “Online measurement of peripheral arteries vasodilation on ultrasound images“, Computers in Cardiology 2005, IEEE Computer Soc. Ed., 2005

Participation to Congresses:

27 June – 2 July 2009 R. Andrei, M. Callieri, T. Loni, MF. Zini, M. Zoppè, “Blender for biology: Game Engine for molecular animation and special effects for chemical and physical behavior“, ISMB ECCB, Stockholm, Sweden

18 – 20 March 2009 MF. Zini, T. Loni, R. Andrei, M. Zoppè, “Using 3D Animation Software for the analysis of protein motion“, BITS ’09, Genoa, Italy

21 – 25 July 2007 R. Andrei, Yu. Porozov and M. Zoppè “3D visualization of biomolecules: representation of surface properties“, ISMB ECCB, Vienna, Austria

12 – 15 June 2007 Yu. Porozov, R. Andrei, M. Zoppè “Visualization of moving molecules: a new approach based on professional 3D animation software“. NETTAB 2007, “A Semantic Web for Bioinformatics: Goals, Tools, Systems, Applications”, University of Pisa, Italy

21 – 24 January 2007 Yu. Porozov, R. Andrei and M. Zoppè “Visualization and modelling of moving biomolecules: a new approach based on professional 3D animation software“, ECCB-06, Eilat, Israel

25 – 28 September 2005 E. Bianchini, R. Andrei, F. Faita, V. Gemignani, Y. Plantinga, M. Demi, “Online Measurements of Vasodilation of Peripheral Arteries from Ultrasound Images“, Computers in Cardiology Conference, Poster Session PA.3, Echocardiography, Lyon, France


English, Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian (mother tongue)

Knowledge of Computer Science

Computer skills: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Open Office Writer, Open Office Calc, Open Office Impress

Programming Languages: MEL (Maya Embedded Language), Python

3D softwares: Maya/Autodesk, Blender

Chemical Programs: VMD, Swiss PDBViewer, Chimera, PyMOL, Chem Office, Discovery Studio Visualizer/Accelrys

Other Interests

Dancing, trekking, reading, going to the theatre, playing basketball

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