Stefano Cianchetta

Personal Informations

Stefano Cianchetta

Tel: (+39) 3495636870
E-mail:stefano.cianchetta -at-
Birth: 31-10-1982

Education and training

2008 – 2009  Science and Technology of Artistic Production, Bachelor of Education, Terni.
2004/2005 Quasar Institute, 3D VFX Course, Rome
2002/2003 Political Science and International Relationships, Bachelor of Political Science, Rome
2001 High School specializing in Classics Diploma, G.C. Tacito, Terni

Professional Experiences

Oct 2013 – to date 3D Artist, Scientific Visualization Unit, Pisa
Mar 2013 – Oct 2013 3D Artist (Freelance), Frozen Pepper s.r.l., Pisa
Jun 2012 3D Artist (Freelance), 3E Ingegneria s.r.l., Pisa
Nov 2011 – Jul 2012 3D Artist, Euromedia s.r.l., Terni
Oct 2007 – Jul 2011 3D Artist, Scientific Visualization Unit, Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR, Pisa
Jan 2007 – Oct 2007 3D Artist, Dynamic Digital Bunch s.r.l., Terni
Feb 2006 – Oct 2006 3D Artist, Avantgarde s.r.l. Terni

Publications and Congresses

Articles in Journals:

  • R. Andrei, M. Callieri, I. Carlone, C. Caudai, S. Cianchetta, T. Loni, Yu Porozov, MF. Zini, M. Zoppè, “BioBlender. Molecular animation and scientific representation”, Blender Art Magazine, Issue 21, April 2009.
  • M. Zoppè, Yu Porozov, R. Andrei, S. Cianchetta, M. F. Zini, T. Loni, C. Caudai, M. Callieri, “Using Blender for molecular animation and scientific representation”, Proceedings of the Blender Conference 2008.

Participation to Congresses:

  • Blender Conference 2009, Amsterdam
  • Blender Conference 2008, Amsterdam

Additional Informations


Mother tongue: Italian
Other languages: English

Knowledge of Computer Science:

Microsoft Windows, Linux.
Internet, Office, Open Office.
Blender, Gimp, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, After Effects, Nuke, Photoshop, SynthEyes, Real Flow.
C, C++, Python, Mel, Maya API, Blender API.

Other Interests:

Movies, books, music, art exhibitions

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