Tiziana Loni

Personal Informations

Tiziana Loni
E-mail: tialo -at- tiscali.it
Birth: 24-01-1976


2003 to date Computer Science Degree University of Pisa
1996 Diploma Institute of Arts – Pisa

Professional Experiences

2006 to date Working as a 3d Artist/Animator/Texturer for Big Bang Solutions – Navacchio (Pisa) .
1997 – 2004 Series of seasonal and short term jobs.
1998/99 employee in Opera Primaziale Pisana, 1999/2004 seasonal worker in Piaggio & C Spa, 2003 temporary job as clerk in Photography shop, various others.

Publications and Congresses

Articles in Journals:

  • Blender Normal Mapping (T. Loni, R. Pluss) – BlenderArt Magazine issue #6 – september 2006

Participation to Congresses:

  • Annual international Blender Conference 2008/2009 – Amsterdam
  • Gordon Research Conference 2009 – Oxford
  • ISMB ECCB Stockholm – 2009 – Sweden


English, French, Italian (mother tongue)

Knowledge of Computer Science

Knowledge of Windows and Linux OS, Office, Open Office, Gimp, Blender 3d, Java and Python programming languages, C.

Other Interests

Music, Video, Nature, Painting and drawing


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