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Personal Informations

Giuseppe Maraziti

E-mail: giuseppe.maraziti -at-

Birth: 25-03-1965


1983 – 1991 Electronic Engineering degree (Computer Science branch) at the University of Pisa. Graduation Thesis: “Trajectories planning by a penalty method”

1978 – 1983 Classical studies at Liceo Classico Statale “Galluppi” in Catanzaro

Professional Experiences

Nov 2005 to date

Big Bang Solutions s.r.l. in Cascina (Pisa, Italy)

Project manager, software analyst and developer, in order to realize customized and proprietary web applications interacting with databases and web services.

Main Projects:

  • For Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR of Pisa: 3D visualization of biological processes.

  • For Glamour Viaggi Tour Operator, web application in order to search and book hotels, flights and organized tours.

  • Proprietary web application in order to manage the different areas inside a company (production, marketing, administration, etc.) according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 rules for Quality Assurance.

Nov 2001 – Oct 2005

Primeur Italia s.r.l. in Pisa, Italy (Head Office in Genova, Italy).

Responsible of the Quality Assurance and System Testing department, in order to test and certify proprietary multi-platform (Windows, Unix, Mainframe, OS/400, etc.) software products, mainly related to data transfer in secure mode.

Jun 1992 – Oct 2001

I.S.L. – Ingegneria dei Sistemi Logistici s.r.l. (ALTRAN Technologies Group) in Pisa, Italy.

At first, software analyst and developer, and after 1996, Software Team Leader, in order to realize customized software applications in industry area.

Main Projects:

  • For Officine Galileo: software application to test the GIADA measurement equipment located on the ROSETTA scientific satellite, realized by ESA in order to analyze the comet powders.

  • For ALENIA: software application to acquire and analyze the data acquired from a radar for civil air traffic surveillance, in order to valuate aircraft trajectories.

  • For STN ALTAS ELEKTRONIK Gbmh: Real-Time software application included in the command and combat control system on Italian Navy Sauro submarines.

  • For AGUSTA: software application to analyze electric charges and generator capacities on AC/DC power supplies for avionic applications.

Mar 1992 – May 1992

S.I.D.A.L. s.r.l. – Società Italiana di Assistenza Logistica s.r.l. in Livorno, Italy.

Technical manuals editing for Nuovo Pignone turbines.


Italian, English, Spanish, French.

Knowledge of Computer Science

Operative Systems: Windows, Unix (Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux).
Programming Languages: ANSI C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic), Borland C++ Builder, Python, SQL, Sun C/C++.
Web: ASP.NET (VB.NET, C#), Javascript, Web Services, SOAP, CGI, HTML, XML.
Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access.
Software Engineering Standards: MIL-STD-2167, MIL-STD-498, ESA-PSS-05-0.

Other Interests

Playing saxophone, trekking, travelling, reading, listening to music, theatre, cinema.

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