The BioBlender project is dicontinued.
I thank all the people that have contributed to it in the 15 years of its existence, including the users that helped to test it and to keep it somehow alive for the latest period.
In particular my gratitude goes to the group that initially developed it (in Blender 1.5!), in the SciVis group and the Blender Community.
The BioBlender website will remain active for some time, but the program will not be updated.

There are two main reasons for closing: on one side, BB was developed 15 years ago, and its structure is hardly compatible with the new Blender versions, especially since we have no funding for updating it regularly. On the other side, the new ‘Node Everything’ structure of Blender have made it possible to introduce and elaborate structural biology models in a much more efficient way, as demonstrated by the great work by Brady A Johnston, that many users already adopted.

I hope that some legacy from BioBlender will survive, especially the concept of decorating the molecules with their physico-chemical properties, which are (in my biased opinion) still unsurpassed as visual effects, even if too cumbersome to calculate and display.

Thanks again to all

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