NANOPLANET with IED at the Milano Design Week

  1. 01. NANOPLANET with IED at the Milano Design Week

    The Ecocentrico project of the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), will build two Yurtas at the Macello lacation during the Milano Design Week. Our short movie NANOPLANET, made to be projected in a dome, will be featured on April 18.

    Viewers feel immersed into a strange world, where proteins, membranes and other cellular componets float around them, like in an aquarium.

    Together with Mauro Del Santo, we will talk about Nature and its forms in Viale Molise 62, at 5 pm

    Aprile 18th, 2023


    The BioBlender project is dicontinued.
    I thank all the people that have contributed to it in the 15 years of its existence, including the users that helped to test it and to keep it somehow alive for the latest period.
    In particular my gratitude goes to the group that initially developed it (in Blender 1.5!), in the SciVis group and the Blender Community.
    The BioBlender website will remain active for some time, but the program will not be updated.

    There are two main reasons for closing: on one side, BB was developed 15 years ago, and its structure is hardly compatible with the new Blender versions, especially since we have no funding for updating it regularly. On the other side, the new ‘Node Everything’ structure of Blender have made it possible to introduce and elaborate structural biology models in a much more efficient way, as demonstrated by the great work by Brady A Johnston, that many users already adopted.

    I hope that some legacy from BioBlender will survive, especially the concept of decorating the molecules with their physico-chemical properties, which are (in my biased opinion) still unsurpassed as visual effects, even if too cumbersome to calculate and display.

    Thanks again to all

    Gennaio 31st, 2023


    Monica presents online her latest work at the DesignXBioinformatics woprkshop, held in presence and online, between the London, Paris and Fukuoka. Ideas about colors in the representations of structural and cellular biology were discussed, and we will try to organize a dedicated workshop.

    Settembre 12th, 2022


    We are working! Please note that the latest version of BioBlender is always the one releases on GitHub.
    Since the last release, we have fixed several minor issues, related to :

    MLP calulation on surface and storage of data
    EP calculation and handling of Field lines
    Movie Export with EP and MLP surface
    Also the Manual has been updated with some suggestions for a better use of BioBlender
    We are also actively working to the version for Blender 2.8.
    Drop us a line if you are willing to collaborate!

    Giugno 2nd, 2020

  5. 05. SciVis moves to Milan

    The SciVis group is so small that Monica moving to Milan, equals to the group transferring to the Institute of BioPhysics, still in the CNR, but in Milano. I am looking forward to collaborate with new colleagues, and hope that the move will bring new energy and new ideas for future works.

    Luglio 1st, 2019

  6. 06. SciVis in Japan

    From 2 to 6 December 2018, Monica is at the Shonan Meeting Web Molecular Graphics: Emerging Technologies & Standards.
    The meeting is an invitation only workshop to discuss the future of Molecular Graphics on the web. It is a great honor to be invited to participate, and to have the possibility to contribute with our experience with BioBlender.

    Dicembre 23rd, 2018


    Our short movie NANOPLANET, after being at the 10th anniversary of the Imagine Science Film Festival, is now visible on the special issue of Labocine. This issue “features films that push the boundaries of how we understand and create narratives about sight and visual perception”, in the owrds of the curators. We are very proud of having been nominated, together with other films spanning documentary, fiction and lab footage.

    The link to the Labocine website is:

    Gennaio 10th, 2018


    On October 11, Monica Zoppè will be in “areaaperta – parlando di scienza al cnr di Pisa“, at CNR’s Auditorium in Pisa, to discuss on ‘Metti un gatto nella cellula’. The conference, at 5 p.m., is open to all and free of charge. Click here for more information.

    Ottobre 4th, 2017


    Monica’s latest paper ”Towards a perceptive understanding of size in cellular biology” was published in the July issue of Nature Methods. It is a provocative proposal on a theoretical aspect of molecular and cellular visualization.
    The article can be accessed here and will be posted soon on this website.

    Luglio 12th, 2017


    Our video on the mechanism of neural transmission between neurons has been selected for the Science of the unseen section of SIGGRAPH 2016. If you are in California from 24 to 29 of July, don’t miss the chance to see serotonin, the synapse, and how depression is addressed at the molecular level.

    UPDATE: Science of the Unseen is a special session at SIGGRAPH, dedicated to the art of showing invisible things. Our last animation The Dark Anim will be screened, together with three images: The Brain Pit, Synapse Panorama, and Serotonin reuptake.

    Novembre 20th, 2016

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